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27 October 2006 @ 05:13 am
swedish fish  
Yeah, I'm really excited about this weekend. If my dress turns out acceptably, that is. It is highly possible that I'll just go to the dance naked. I suppose Chris will then be required to come so he can shield me from prying eyes, ohohoho! Pwned. But yeah, my costume isn't as cool/hot as everyone else's. Sigh. Too bad I'm not actually River, then I'd get to beat up the entire populace of the Red Light/Green Room!

I hate the internet lag.

I'm supposed to be reading about feminism right now, but we all know how much I love feminism. I also have a ghastly headache and my eyes cry out in pain.

Chris bought me a scarf and mittens, for no reason other than that he is the best young man in the world and he is my favorite and I love him. I guess that's a good reason! Yay Chris. :)

I guess, regardless of whether Chris comes to the dance, I'll have a jolly old time. But it would just be even more jolly if he were there to jive with me. How can you jam out with your clam out if you don't have somebody there to rock out with his cock out? ANSWER ME THAT.
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Ashleighbuttums on October 27th, 2006 04:44 pm (UTC)
you were seriously up until 5AM!?!?!