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brush away that black cloud

from your shoulder

large marge
Smile your little smile --
Take some tea with me a while

-Jethro Tull

(I really only exist to freak out olivepetie.)
blast!, chocolate covered gummi bears, dorian gray (cello), doubleyou-tee-eff!, drinking dr. pepper, eating swedish fish, fuu-wich, great coats, guilty gear x2, handlebar mustaches, historical hotties, hot chocolate dance, isidore (harp), jesi, my anus is bleeding, my oozing mattress robespierre, my tummybox is broken, not being large, paper bag man, parappa the rapper, potter potter weasley, pwning n00bs, renaissance what-have-you, ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring, rock-hard bagels, sheeping the add, talking about my novel, you-will-melt-faces-as-a-shadow-priest-in-pvp